Stockholm Archipelago Seals Safari


Originally uploaded by ourmaninsweden

This was at the start of the Seals Safari by High Powered Speedboat. The boat skips 80kms over the Baltic waters and through the beautiful Stockholm Archipelago. At the end of the journey we got to see some wild seals all basking on a rock. Fantastic!

Check out the photos of the Stockholm Archipelago here

I can really recommend this trip but its not for the faint hearted. The boat jumps over waves, skids through wakes and feels like its going to throw you out. I really enjoyed it and I usually hate white knuckle rides.

If you take the Stockholm Seals Safari I suggest you sit in the middle seat and towards the back. Thats where I sat going out and I guess I was looking rather bemused at the rest of the crew all going nuts. On the way back, I took front outside seat and it was a completely different journey, I loved every minute.

I am not really one for water sports as I hate falling into the water but I think I would like to try canoeing or kayaking next.


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