Chinese Supermarkets in Stockholm

So as mentioned several times on this blog, we have an English Butchers in Stockholm, so I can get my Cumberland and Lincolnshire sausages. However Chinese food is very bland here in Stockholm, the Thai nosh is great but the Chineses’ are just tasteless. So I bought a book on Amazon, ‘Chinese Food Made Easy’ which accompanies the BBC Series of the same name.

However getting ingredients is rather tricky. In Cambridge I was spoiled as Mill Road had so many ethnic shops, Chinese, Indian, Korean etc. So I am on the hunt for a Chinese Supermarket in Stockholm.

There is one at the bottom of Söderhallarna which looks good but only on a weekend as its a bit far from the office. Apparently there is one on Olof Palmes Gata which I will check out this afternoon. I will let you know if its any good. I only want to cook a decent tasting chicken chow mein!

They dont even do Crispy Duck here. When I was in London recently I went straight up to Chinatown to scoff on it as well as some Char Siu Pork, yum!


2 Responses

  1. If you crave lemon curd, try this one. Very simple and yummy! + other recipes

  2. The Chinese Supermarkets on Olof Palmes Gata were superb there were lots there with so much choice, Tonights Chicken chow mein was rather nice!

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