More tea vicar?

In an earlier post I mentioned missing overbrewed English tea from a tea urn.

Well the next best thing is one of these teapots which I bought from Duka

Teapot for tea leaves

Teapot for tea leaves

Yes the more alert of you will notice that its green tea which I try and take a few cups of during the day. Stockholm has a lot of good shops for proper tea, I am really enjoying one called Söderblandning tea. This was accidentally created on the island where I live Södermalm hence the name.  Apparently the tea blender spilt some of the spices into the wrong tea mix and rather than waste it, sampled it and Söderblanding tea was born. Its made from black tea, tropical fruits and flowers.  Its very popular in Sweden and Japan the guy now sells 4000 kgs of it to Japan each year. I was in his shop the other day and there are post cards from all over the world thanking him for his tea.


3 Responses

  1. cool ! Duka is a lovely shop !

  2. Yes its a great shop but can get very pricey. Have to make sure I check the price labels 😉

  3. oh yeah…I only bought 1 thing there it was a great day lol…but I go in everytime just to check 😉

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