What a waist!

I had to buy some new clobber today as my strides were feeling a bit loose. Not a feeling I am totally accustomed to I can tell you.

I was amazed to fit into a 36 inch waist. About 5 years back I was nearer a 42 waist! I am really hoping the Swedes arent a bit more generous in their measurements than us Brits! The other thing to be careful of when shopping for jeans in Sweden is the length. I am hovering around the 6ft mark but there were many that were too long for me.

I hate clothes shopping but I did smile a little today, the running campaign must be starting to pay off!


5 Responses

  1. Hej!
    I very much enjoy your blog. I’ve started one myself – the usual exile in Sweden stuff. I’m doing it in Swedish, which may cause amusement to any natives.

    Feel free to add a link to it in your exiles list if you want.

    I’ll link yours up anyway on my page the next time I update it.

  2. Fantastic! More the merrier! How long have you been here?

    Your Swedish is of a great standard! I will link to you and keep visiting!

  3. Thanks! I’ve been here about 3 years now. . However, I don’t think my Swedish is any good at all and that’s why I write in Swedish to get some practice.

  4. If I am as good as you in three years I will be delighted! What made you move over? Don’t tell me…partner or a job 😉

    How did you learn your Swedish btw?

  5. It was partner and job!

    Critically, some folk at work refused to speak English with me so I was forced into speaking Swedish. I bought some grammar books and also learned a load of vocabulary. It seemed to work !

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