Funny Swedish words

There are a couple of words in Swedish that make me laugh. I will share some of them with you on the blog.

I learnt one last week that made me chuckle.

This radio controlled shark is being advertised a lot on the metro here

The Swedish word for shark is haj! Which is pronounced ‘hi’ which is probably the last bloody thing you would say if you bumped into one!! Funny ‘Hi Haj’!

More funny words soon!


8 Responses

  1. I like Kram…kram sounds like the slang word in french for burning “crame”….

    and I feel it’s just totally NOT POSSIBLE to pronounce ” 7″ : “sju”… I just can’t.

  2. I agree so I say it like ‘shoo’ apparently its a very posh way of saying it lol!

  3. When I lived in Sweden and was riding a train for the first time, I was awfully interested to see what would be going on at the “slut station”. Slut (“end” in Swedish), surely has a different meaning in English!

  4. lol !!!

    yeah I heard about the “shoo” pronounciation ! My friends from Malmö call it the “Posh Stockholm pronouciation!” At least you can say it ! I’m fearing the time I’ll turn 27….or if you go that way…77.

  5. What about the word farthinder ?
    I always start to laught when I see that word in spite of being Swedish.

  6. Vad betyder det? What does it mean?

  7. It means sleeping policemen.

  8. Fantastic, best one yet!!!

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