Carry on Doctor

I had another new Swedish experience today, my first visit to a Swedish Doctors Surgery.

I was lucky enough to get a leaflet from my local Doctor sent to me when I got my personnummer. I think its all connected, the new number must trigger off an alert and you get the usual bumph

I made the appointment on Friday, I called at 9am and they offered me one at 10am, wow! By the time I picked myself up from the floor, I explained it was not an emergency and did they have anything on Monday.

The lady on the phone who I took to be a receptionist started asking questions about why I wanted to visti the quack. I was a bit put out by this, I mean it wasnt anything embarrassing but still this is a stranger. She then explained she had heard it all before and said ‘wow you really are British arent you?’ Funny!

I later found out that its actually a nurse that answer the phone and not one of the nosey cows who man the phones at most UK surgeries. Have you noticed that about British surgeries? There are some right little dictators working as receptionists in most of them. I wonder like a Swiss Finishing school for ladies if there is a ‘finishing school for doctors surgery receptionists -specialists in obnoxiousness and how not to be sympathetic’

Anyway I digress. So I went along for my appointment today and was rather amused. The waiting room was more like a nice cafe than the dingy waiting rooms I am used to. No scary posters about AIDS, cholera, TB, Scarlet fever, alcoholism. The chairs were all the same rather than looking like they had been picked up at jumble sales over the years and it actually calmed you rather than worry you.

I was able to get through the first hurdle in Swedish. Explaining to the nurse that I had an appointment and that it was my first time here.  I had to pay which is something we dont do in England of course, it was about a tenner which to be honest I dont mind paying to get seen so quickly.

The Doctor then arrived, almost stereotypically she was a tall blonde, you couldnt make it up. Anyway she shook my hand and introduced herself. How nice, in England the overworked Doctor barely looks up you let alone tell you his or her name.

The visit was over 20mins later and that was that. In all rather painless really and certainly a lot smoother than a visit to the UK doctor.

A nice touch is that when they give you a prescription, they dont write it out and give it to you. They do it online and it goes to Apoteket, the Chemist. You go along with your ID and they give you your drugs.


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  1. Did you get your “högkostnadskort”? If not, bring your receipt the next time you visit a doctor, and ask for it. Its a folded coupon strip that the doctor, hospital, xray etc stamps at each visit. When you reach an accumulated total fee paid of 900 SEK, you don’t have to pay any fees for one year. There is also a corresponding system for prescription drugs, where you don’t pay anything for you drugs when you reach 1800 SEK. This system is computerized and automatic, so you don´t use coupons, but make sure you get registered at the ‘Apoteket’.

    Get well

  2. Thanks!

    Hmm that was interesting they didnt mention that card to me. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Luckily and I hope I dont jinx myself here I rarely go to the Doctor, maybe once every two years so fingers crossed I wont need it.

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