‘Blog’ is now an accepted and widely understood word in internet parlance. A new one on me is ‘meme’. I get sent them quite a lot and have pretty much ignored them until recently but I will try a few as it may add a bit of colour to the blog.

Memes are sets of interesting questions that are virally spread around the net.

I got this one from 3xThursday which are three questions are asked each Thursday.

1. If you could live anywhere on this planet, where would it be? Why?

Actually I am very happy in Sweden right now. Yes there are lots of interesting places I would like to visit and maybe live one day but right now I am very happy with living in Stockholm. Sad and boring answer I know but I am trying to be honest here.

2. If you could drive any vehicle (price, oil consumption, and functionality are no object here), what would it be? How would you deck it out to suit your tastes?

Thats actually a really tough question to answer. I am not a petrol head but definitely would like one of these.

Its Swedish too! This was very much in the days before product placement and none of the big names would give the Saint a car to use. The only car manufacturer that agreed was Volvo. I think it exudes class. Of course I wouldnt mind one of these either:

I love Vespas and Lambrettas. I did toy with the idea of getting a scooter in Stockholm but with the way the weather is, its probably not too safe during the icy months and I wouldnt want it so it could go in storage for six months.

3. If you had $1million (after taxes), all for whatever purpose you wanted to do with it (for your personal consumption only…no being generous to other people!), what would you do with it?

Buy a house in the countryside but not too far from Stockholm with a lake or river in the back garden so I could fish. I would of course want it to have a library in it for all my books and a games room for my XBOX nights! A gym would also be very handy. Do you think I will have much change back?


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  1. I would definitly drive a Dolorean. a flying one..if possible.

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