A British touch to a Swedish Party

I was very lucky to get an invite to Fitness Eva’s birthday party on Saturday evening. It was my first real Swedish Birthday Party that i was to attend.

Eva wanted some inspiration for the food so I told her she needed to go to the English butchers in Stockholm and pick up some stuff there. Taylors always have lots of choice and it feel really funny that the exotic part of Evas’ buffet would be British!

She bought their Beef and Ale Pie and it went down a storm, everyone loved it and I have to say it did taste really nice. Cant wait for the winter when I can do a nice bit of champ with a steaming hot Beef and Ale Pie!

Eva refused to buy the sausage rolls though, shame that would have made her Swedish spread absolutely British 😉

Only snag was though they didnt have the cheese I like left. Remember the Y Fenni cheese? Well they managed to find some and have it sent over. I bought a lump last time but they have now sold out. Apparently it went down very well with their customers. I think I will need to order a wheel of it from Taylors at Christmas!


5 Responses

  1. Hi,

    The pie in that picture looks fantastic!

    You can add my blog to your “Exiles” list *LOL*. I have another blog at http://www.cherylmariecordeiro.com/blog

    I’ve been around for about 6 years now and I still haven’t really gotten the hang of Swedish grammar. I think I do better on Swedish food though *smile*.

    Have a good work week ahead and congrats on your first Swedish paycheck!

    Cheryl M. Cordeiro

  2. Hi Cheryl

    Regrettably I didnt take a photo of the paj! It went way too fast!

  3. The photo does look yummy! I must say I greatly prefer steak and ale pie to the too-gross-to-contemplate steak and kidney pie. Just the name alone gives me the shivers (and not in a good way!). Now if Eva had just paired it with some bubble & squeak and spotted dick, it would have been the perfect meal . . .

  4. I am not so keen on steak and kidney either Lisa. Taylors did have others such as chicken and mushroom.

    Hmm bubble and squeak, not had that in ages. I dont think the Swedes get the mashed potato with pie though which is surprising as its lovely!

  5. Mmmm, bubble & squeak *drool* [doing my absolute best Homer impression here]

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