Don’t Mention the War!

Some of you may remember that it fascinates how names of famous cartoon characters change in each country. I have posted on Popeye in Swedish before. So thats Karl Alfred aka Popeye and kalle Anke -Donald Duck.

So here is a new one but its not a cartoon. Its our very own Basil Fawlty of Fawlty Towers or should I call it ‘Bang/boom in the building’ as this is what its called In Swedish ‘Pang i Bygget!

I bought it on DVD today as it was on sale, it always makes me chuckle, its British and it will have Swedish subtitles so will help my vocabulary.

I wonder how you say ‘Don’t mention the war’ in Swedish 😉


2 Responses

  1. ‘Nämn inte kriget’

  2. I bought this very same item in Stockholm whilst on holiday in Sweden in 2004. It was on video format. I also bought, amazingly, a Swedish version of the UK comedy book about ‘Extreme Ironing’. It has the title ‘Aventyrs Strykning’.

    It’s funny how titles get slightly altered. I would have thought that in Swedish there is an equivalent to ‘Mansion / Large house with faults’ or something similar. Great country though, lovely women to look at, not too chavvy.


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