You gotta have sole

Had a nice day out at Hammarby yesterday. Met up with Nick the Swede and his mates and went to watch Hammarby play Örebro. Fitness Eva came along as well as she has never been to a game there before.

it was good to catch up with Nick again and he was pleased to see me back on the booze, although I was respectable as I had work the next day. I was tempted to drink more though! Its interesting with Swedes, just as most of them have English as their second language, many of them have a second team they support who happen to be English.

Nick is a Fulham man, his two mates supported Newcastle United and Charlton Athletic!

We met up at Grön Jageran (Green Hunter) which is an iconic Hammarby drinker and quite famous in Stockholm, usually for the wrong reasons (my type of pub then). As Nick puts it ‘you only ever go there on a Matchday!’.  They do a pint of beer for 29 kronor which is the cheapest I have seen in Stockholm.  Its actually very clean inside and I have never seen any trouble.

Hammarby won 1-0 and it really was a game of two halves. Bajen were awesome in the first half and you really felt they were going to pummel Örebro but the ‘whining belters’ had other ideas. They rolled up their sleeves and with the help of an iffy linesman they took the game to Hammarby. Fortunately the pride of Stockholm held on and claimed the win.

The highlight for me was the Hammarby fans raising a shoe and singing a song about a player. It was for Suleyman Sleyman, I didnt get the words but basically his name is pronounced as in ‘sole’ so the fans hold up a shoe. Fair play to the guy he is Bajen through and through, he played at the club and has yet to register a goal. No he is not a striker 😉 Wikipaedia points out that he does have a degree in economics and is a part time auditor at Ernst & Young!

Seeing the Hammarby fans raising a shoe and singing was quite a sight, I really wish I had brought my camera.  What was nice was that at the end he came over to the fans and saluted them.

So why ‘whining belt’? Its a Swedish thing as apparently people from Örebro have a very whiny accent. Its not too far from Stockholm, maybe I should take a day trip there. They are actually playing Hammarby at home next Monday, now can I get the day off to go up there…not been to an allsvenskan away match yet.


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