Iron Maiden in Stockholm

I was absolutely amazed by the Iron Maiden gig, considering the guys are still rocking in their fifties their energy levels were immense.

I am crap at writing reviews but needless to say the things that stood out for me were a) Bruce Dickinsons’ vocal range is incredible, I can understand why he is called the ‘air siren’. b) amazed what sort of people turned up to the gigs. I had a 12 year old sat next to me who played an imaginary drumset throughout the entire set, he wasnt born when these classics were written. Fantastic!

The venue was good, though Stockholms Stadion reminded me of the football stadium used in Escape to Victory! I loved the fact that in homage to Iron Maiden they flew the British Union Jack at the Stadium alongside the flags of Sweden and Stockholm.

I took some photos and videos with my mobile, I will try and post them but not sure of the quality. I was going to take my camera but thought some jobsworth would confiscate it but I wasnt even searched! Shame really.

Steve Harris on bass was absolutely phenomenal, he has to be one of the top bassists out there.

It was quite an emotional gig for me as Iron Maiden helped me through some tough periods of my teenage life and to see them playing live, and playing superbly live was a real pivotal moment for me. I even bought an Iron Maiden tshirt which would shock most of my friends if they saw me wearing it.

What really amazed is despite the fact the Stadium was fully sold out, there were plenty of underground trains ready to take everyone away safely and quickly. The last time I left a packed out stadium was that Croatia game at Wembley and that took hours so a big thumbs up the Stockholm Public Transport system there!

Scream for me Stockholm!


2 Responses

  1. Hi Shane – thought I’d drop by after reading your comments on my own blog. I saw them recently at Twickenham and just like you was blown away by the show. Now its 20 years since I first saw Maiden live and they’re every bit as good today as they were back then. As you say, as important it seems to today’s young metal fan as they are to us 30-somethings hanging on to our youth!

    Keep rocking mate


  2. Hi Bill

    Thanks for dropping by. Nice to know they are still as good as they were 20 years ago.

    I liked so much about the gig but what stands out is that Iron Maiden have not forgotten their roots and really appreciate their fans. Quite rare in this day and age.

    I have all of Maidens albums here and occasionally listen to the odd track but its inspired me to get listening to Maiden again. I am learning Bass and its hard not to be inspired when you see and hear Harris’s bass playing. Phenomenal.

    Up the Irons.

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