Return of the Vikings

I was once asked if I could only take one book onto a desert island what would it be. I immediately answered with the Bible. Now I am not deeply religious but its big and when you take away the God aspect they are actually entertaining stories, I am thinking of the likes of David and Goliath here.

I was interested to stumble upon an old book review of the Viking Trilogy by Tim Severin today. They seem interesting enough but I really dont see the point of these works when there are perfectly good Viking stories out there passed down from the Viking times themselves. In particular I am thinking of the Icelandic Viking Sagas. I have read two, Laxdaela saga and the most famous one Egils’ saga. Both were very fascinating reads.  I actually visited the area where most of laxdaela saga took place and it was refreshing to see where the locals said certain incidents occured and of course the farms share the same names as those in the sagas.

Maybe I am old fashioned but why read fictional accounts of Viking times when you can read accounts passed down the generations. I appreciate they have been twisted, exaggerated and embellished but the source is from these times and if not at least they are inspired by people from those lands and genetic makeup.

Give me the real sagas any day!


3 Responses

  1. Have you grown a beard and taken a skjaldmær yet?

  2. No beard but I did buy an Icelandic woollen sweater! Not trendy but am sure it will keep me warm in the Swedish winter!

  3. So you rather have a sweater warm you than a skjaldmaer?!

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