Travelling to Reykjavik

Sorry for the lack of updates to the blog of late. I have been debating whether to carry on with it and am still contemplating it. I think some of my posts may come across as overly critical of the Swedes when its not supposed to be. I am just highlighting cultural differences.  I dare say if I was writing this blog about my hometown I would be even more critical.

This afternoon I am off to Smokey Bay (Reykjavik in English) I am working there for a few days and will go walking over the weekend. I am looking forward to it!

Last night we found a cracking curry house, they did a blinding lentil and ponir soup and the chicken rezalla was superb. I will get the name when I am back there, its on Hornsgatan.

We got there by accident really. We wanted to try the curry house very near my house but as we got there the waitress said they were closing at 9 that evening. It was 8.50.  We then went to a cheap but cosy thai place I know and love, on Hornsgatan near the Hammarby shop but that was closing at 9 too.

So we went for the safe option and hit the Southsiders Irish pub on Hornsgatan.  They told us there was a ‘problem with the chef’ and the bar staff were doing the cooking!! We passed on that but I did chuckle at the image in my head of the chef slumped over the cooking wine.

So the next place along was this Indian place, even they didnt seem that geared up to serve us but the food was delicious

I will try and take some pictures from Iceland for you all.


3 Responses

  1. Please continue to blog! As a swede and Stockholmer I appreciate viewing my home town through your eyes.

  2. I really appreciate that h2. I am glad as a Swede and Stockholmer that you appreciate how I see your hometown. If I didnt like it I wouldnt be here, what amazes me still is the cultural and political differences as I always thought the UK was very similar to the Nordics.

  3. Oh don’t give up, but please, please publish some thoughts of our hometown! I don’t think you’ve come across as being overly critical at all.

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