Best lamb in Iceland

I don’t care what anyone says, Iceland produces the worlds most tastiest lamb. I have tasted the finest New Zealand, the most succulent Welsh lamb but Icelandic lamb wins hands down!  I am not a big lamb eater but when I am in Iceland I eat it every day.

Tonight I went to Lækjarbrekka restaurant in central Reykjavik.  To be honest its the type of place I usually avoid as it looks too touristy. However I was tired, it was a few blocks from my hotel so thought why not.

I went for the Lamb set three course dinner and I have to say it was stunning, I have eaten a lot of Icelandic lamb but this was the best I have ever eaten! Who knows I may find somewhere better before I leave but for now Lækjarbrekka is the best restaurant in Iceland for lamb in my view.

I am staying at Centerhotel Thingholt. Its a lovely design hotel again in downtown Reykjavik you can see here and i have taken some photos of the wonderful bedrooms which I will upload on my return


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