Show me the way to row home!

Be careful of drunken Swedes!

Joking aside here but its an interesting phenomenen because the way I see it Swedes are fairly conservative with alcohol at home but when they get out of Sweden they tend to go a bit mad. Just look at Spain and places like that, its because the alcohol is so much cheaper outside of Sverige that they cant help it.

In some ways this is rubbing off on me. Not in terms of boozing but shopping! I had a few hours to kill in Berlin last Saturday before my flight and I went off to KaDeWe, shopping! I needed a summer raincoat and the ones I liked in Sweden were about three or four times the price of the one I bought in Berlin. Normally, shopping (unless its for gadgets) is my idea of hell but because things are, lets face it, much more expensive in Sweden then when I am abroad I tend to go to more shops.  Sad eh!

I am writing to you from Copenhagen, the weather is lovely, shame I have meetings all day. I just watched the CNN weather and they were talking about Stockholm. 25 degrees with a sunrise at 3.30am and sunset at 10pm. Nice!


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