‘Blog’ is now an accepted and widely understood word in internet parlance. A new one on me is ‘meme’. I get sent them quite a lot and have pretty much ignored them until recently but I will try a few as it may add a bit of colour to the blog.

Memes are sets of interesting questions that are virally spread around the net.

I got this one from 3xThursday which are three questions are asked each Thursday.

1. If you could live anywhere on this planet, where would it be? Why?

Actually I am very happy in Sweden right now. Yes there are lots of interesting places I would like to visit and maybe live one day but right now I am very happy with living in Stockholm. Sad and boring answer I know but I am trying to be honest here.

2. If you could drive any vehicle (price, oil consumption, and functionality are no object here), what would it be? How would you deck it out to suit your tastes?

Thats actually a really tough question to answer. I am not a petrol head but definitely would like one of these.

Its Swedish too! This was very much in the days before product placement and none of the big names would give the Saint a car to use. The only car manufacturer that agreed was Volvo. I think it exudes class. Of course I wouldnt mind one of these either:

I love Vespas and Lambrettas. I did toy with the idea of getting a scooter in Stockholm but with the way the weather is, its probably not too safe during the icy months and I wouldnt want it so it could go in storage for six months.

3. If you had $1million (after taxes), all for whatever purpose you wanted to do with it (for your personal consumption only…no being generous to other people!), what would you do with it?

Buy a house in the countryside but not too far from Stockholm with a lake or river in the back garden so I could fish. I would of course want it to have a library in it for all my books and a games room for my XBOX nights! A gym would also be very handy. Do you think I will have much change back?


A British touch to a Swedish Party

I was very lucky to get an invite to Fitness Eva’s birthday party on Saturday evening. It was my first real Swedish Birthday Party that i was to attend.

Eva wanted some inspiration for the food so I told her she needed to go to the English butchers in Stockholm and pick up some stuff there. Taylors always have lots of choice and it feel really funny that the exotic part of Evas’ buffet would be British!

She bought their Beef and Ale Pie and it went down a storm, everyone loved it and I have to say it did taste really nice. Cant wait for the winter when I can do a nice bit of champ with a steaming hot Beef and Ale Pie!

Eva refused to buy the sausage rolls though, shame that would have made her Swedish spread absolutely British 😉

Only snag was though they didnt have the cheese I like left. Remember the Y Fenni cheese? Well they managed to find some and have it sent over. I bought a lump last time but they have now sold out. Apparently it went down very well with their customers. I think I will need to order a wheel of it from Taylors at Christmas!

Don’t Mention the War!

Some of you may remember that it fascinates how names of famous cartoon characters change in each country. I have posted on Popeye in Swedish before. So thats Karl Alfred aka Popeye and kalle Anke -Donald Duck.

So here is a new one but its not a cartoon. Its our very own Basil Fawlty of Fawlty Towers or should I call it ‘Bang/boom in the building’ as this is what its called In Swedish ‘Pang i Bygget!

I bought it on DVD today as it was on sale, it always makes me chuckle, its British and it will have Swedish subtitles so will help my vocabulary.

I wonder how you say ‘Don’t mention the war’ in Swedish 😉

Historic week for me and my blog

Firstly yesterday I received my first ever Swedish payslip. I was really worried as I carefully opened it, visions of rockstar style tax percentages hit me hard, would this have all been a mistake….actually it wasnt as bad as I expected plus the streets are clean, the hospitals are in good nick, the education system is good….maybe the tax here isnt as bad as I had feared.

So thats it I am now officially being paid in Sweden and paying Swedish tax, I guess all I need to do is holiday in Thailand and I may even start to feel Swedish (the notes of God Save the Queen come straight to my head) yes sorry thats um an act of treason…

The other great news is this blog, its attracted over 15,376 since January. I am truly amazed and thank you all for visiting, mind you it could be my Mum who visits and keeps hitting the refresh button to make this blog seem popular of course.

Seriously though readers, thanks for indulging me.

You gotta have sole

Had a nice day out at Hammarby yesterday. Met up with Nick the Swede and his mates and went to watch Hammarby play Örebro. Fitness Eva came along as well as she has never been to a game there before.

it was good to catch up with Nick again and he was pleased to see me back on the booze, although I was respectable as I had work the next day. I was tempted to drink more though! Its interesting with Swedes, just as most of them have English as their second language, many of them have a second team they support who happen to be English.

Nick is a Fulham man, his two mates supported Newcastle United and Charlton Athletic!

We met up at Grön Jageran (Green Hunter) which is an iconic Hammarby drinker and quite famous in Stockholm, usually for the wrong reasons (my type of pub then). As Nick puts it ‘you only ever go there on a Matchday!’.  They do a pint of beer for 29 kronor which is the cheapest I have seen in Stockholm.  Its actually very clean inside and I have never seen any trouble.

Hammarby won 1-0 and it really was a game of two halves. Bajen were awesome in the first half and you really felt they were going to pummel Örebro but the ‘whining belters’ had other ideas. They rolled up their sleeves and with the help of an iffy linesman they took the game to Hammarby. Fortunately the pride of Stockholm held on and claimed the win.

The highlight for me was the Hammarby fans raising a shoe and singing a song about a player. It was for Suleyman Sleyman, I didnt get the words but basically his name is pronounced as in ‘sole’ so the fans hold up a shoe. Fair play to the guy he is Bajen through and through, he played at the club and has yet to register a goal. No he is not a striker 😉 Wikipaedia points out that he does have a degree in economics and is a part time auditor at Ernst & Young!

Seeing the Hammarby fans raising a shoe and singing was quite a sight, I really wish I had brought my camera.  What was nice was that at the end he came over to the fans and saluted them.

So why ‘whining belt’? Its a Swedish thing as apparently people from Örebro have a very whiny accent. Its not too far from Stockholm, maybe I should take a day trip there. They are actually playing Hammarby at home next Monday, now can I get the day off to go up there…not been to an allsvenskan away match yet.

The perils of booking holidays online

this did make me chuckle

Still they will not spend as much money on holiday as they thought they would 😉

You are never too old!

And there I was earlier this week thinking I was too old for heavy metal, look at this guy.  I wonder what the Pope thinks of it all!