PC versus Mac

I have to say I am getting really cheesed off with Windows Vista. Nothing but bloody problems. I bought a new laptop last year from Acer and its been appalling. I have never known a machine to crash so often.  Two friends have already recommend I move across to the Mac.  I hadnt previously considered this as I have always used a PC but maybe its high time I moved across, what do you think?

I am really angry because I installed the new Vista update last night and now Itunes won’t play an of my Itunes songs!


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  1. The war between Mac and PC is eons long. I’ve had both and what you choose between is a closed and an open system, with it’s pros and cons. There’s a lot of shit floating around in the PC world. With an open system (PC) you get a lot of compatibility problems between hardware and software. So you need to be careful when choosing hardware. Acer and Packard Bell are known to be the worst of the worse. I myself prefer the open system (PC) and today I have a Fujitsu-Siemens laptop (ESPRIMO U9200 C2D 2.0 2GB/120 DVDRW 12.1#VB) link here: http://www.dustinhome.se/pd_5010115914.aspx
    It works like a charm, haven’t had any problems at all. Turbo 3G built in (no dongle). I’m running iTunes 7.6 and the latest version of VB. I’m not affiliated with Fujitsu-Siemens in any way, I’ve had IBM, Compaq, HP and others but this machine is quality. You should know one thing though. The built in speakers are totally useless. But I suppose you will use headphones (cable or BT) when listening to music.

  2. I saw that Dustin doesn’t mention the 3G ability so here is another link which does: https://www.datorbutiken.com/se/default.aspx?Product=FSCU9200-1

  3. Thanks for this h2, I will take a look. Am going to go up the Apple Store and take a look as well so I can be fully informed about whats out there.

    Thanks once again.

  4. Hi there (h2) is that your name ?

    I have a fujitsu siemens pc and it’s crap.

    there are prb all over it. the butten for my wan is not good. bec you need a app to tun the wan on. so i can get on the web. so i can not more back to xp from vista.

    i got to this page bec i was looking on how to get mac on here.
    i have seen it on a pc. with my owe to eye’s. but i am looking on doing it on my lap top pc.

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