Birthday in Berlin

Tomorrow am off to Berlin for three days with work, we have a big managers meetings so should be interesting. Am going to spend my birthday there as yes folks I am 23 tomorrow!

Will be spending a Friday night in Berlin as the flights to Stockholm were pretty lousy, oh well its just lucky that Berlin is my favourite European city then.

Speak soon!



6 Responses

  1. Big managers meeting before your birthday celebrations? just like you needed any more excuses for a few 😉 have a great day!

  2. Tell me about it, what luck! Oh well I am a bit like you thesedays Ros as I rarely drink, wasnt even drunk in Vegas with the lads, sad state of affairs!

  3. If you can’t prove you got drunk in Berlin I’ll force feed you strong spirits before the next home game bro 🙂 Happy birthday in advance!

  4. You know what the company will be like in Berlin so I wont get drunk there -looks like I will be drink at Soders Stadion then 😉

    Am looking forward to it to be honest, looking forward to some real live football!

  5. Or you have to be drunk to cope with the company? 😉

    Let’s catch up when you’re back on home soil.


  6. And of course:

    Ha den äran på bemärkelsedagen!

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