Heaven Knows I am Miserable Now

Its with a lot of sadness that I read Morrissey is finally going to do a gig in Israel. I hope he now follows up on his desire to play in Iran to balance things out. I cant quite see the Iranian Authorities allowing Moz in though.

Then again Moz might suprise a few people in Tel Aviv and have a pop at the powers that be, I cant imagine him supporting Israels bombing of Lebanon in 2006 and the way they have treated the Palestinians. He has been raided by the British police following his song ‘Margaret on a Guillotine’ (in reference to Maggie Thatcher), he has been detained by the FBI following his comments on George W so he may as well add Mossad to the list.

Let me be clear, I wouldnt want to deprive moderate Israelis of the pleasure of watching Morrissey just that if I was in his shoes I wouldnt go. I wouldnt go to Iran either where the crowd would be segregrated by gender.

Just as well I aint a pop star isnt it.


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