Diamonds are Forever

I am not getting too far with my plan of watching Bond with Swedish subtitles as ‘homework.’

I watched Dr No which I really enjoyed, primarily because its the first one. Its interesting the way he is referred to as a ‘detective’ than a secret agent.

Last night I watched Diamonds are Forever. I picked it out because its set in Vegas and I havent watched it in years. I had forgotten how good it was. I think this has the humour missing in other Connery efforts and the led the way for the main man Mr Moore to take over in Live and Let Die.

It was wierd watching a film which was made in ’71 in Vegas and in 2008 I walked down some of those streets and played in some of the casinos. In the shots for the big car stunt you can clearly see the Golden Nugget casino. Its changed a little since then but I had a drink with two charming ladies from California on the balcony facing that street.

As a kid watching this, I was a massive Bond fan, I would never have thought that one day I would be on those streets. It seemed a world away from my existence.

They filmed in 8 Vegas hotels and the airport. They used Circus Circus a lot which you can see on my photos from Vegas.

The problem with watching Bond with Swedish subtitles is that I have to remember to read them, I forget I am supposed to be learning as I get drawn into the film itself.

Maybe I should read the books in Swedish instead!


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