Forget California Girls…

According to this report from Travellers Digest Stockholm is home to the worlds most beautiful women!!

Following it in runners up spot is Copenhagen, Denmark.

I love this quote:

‘Stockholm is a city filled with the best looking women in the world, women so good looking that when you walk in to a 7-11 you will swear that you have just walked into a reality TV set, What Happens When Supermodels Work at A Convenience Store? Yes I know it’s a long name, but hey it’s true. Better yet the women are super friendly, & extremely educated, they speak English with English accents, they start making you wonder whether England in fact had good looking women but they’re all on working vacations in Sweden, turns out they’re not as England doesn’t have but in fact they’re all just really well studied Swedish girls.’

I wonder what 7-11 store this guy walked into as I cant say I have seen stunningly attractive women in my local 7-11! As for educated, not really they just grunt ‘hej’ and ‘ar det bra sa’ at me.

The poor Swedes, I think some of the women here get fed up with this tag as actually the Swedes are quite a conservative race, certainly when they are on home soil anyway.


Let Me Tell You About Sweden


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