Cherry Picking -finding good fruit in Stockholm



I have decided to cancel my fruit box delivery, its a nice idea but I had a really bad batch of fruit in the last box so will leave that for a while and source my own.

I went up to the market on Hotorget today. I have been meaning to have a look for awhile. There are lots of stalls and the guys all call out to you. I was looking for some ripe avocados as the supermarkets are crap for stocking those. I found a stall with some on and ended up buying a massive bag of cherries, loads of asparagus, and 2 large pineapples. I only wanted the pineapples and avocado…

I love the market guys as they know how to sell so well. Their techniques should not be sneered at and I can probably use some of them at the day job. I love the way they build rapport, within minutes he knew where I was from, I knew where he was from and what his favourite team was. He then used the best sales technique ever…its simple but he let me taste the cherries and the asparagus. They were delicious and I was sold.

They even threw in apples and melons free of charge. Nice bloke and I will be back. Stall 28 if you are up there.


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  1. You, eating asparagus?? Wow!

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