Mind Your Language

Bad news! Spending a week with English speakers has eroded my Swedish. I went to the supermarket yesterday and spoke in English straight away! I need to re-programme myself to Swedish.

On holiday I did a lot of thinking and I realise I need to kick on with my Swedish. Its ok but it can be so much better. I may even go back to Folkuniversitetet once things quieten down at work.

Here is a good link I found for learning Swedish, lots of free good stuff on here

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  1. Why are you writing in English when you want to learn Swedish.
    Try to write in Swedish then Swedish speaking people may help yo to correct your writing.
    What do think is most difficult when learning Swedish ?

  2. Hej Maria

    I do write in Swedish at work or to Swedish people but as I really set this blog up for friends and family back home it would be unfair to put it all in Swedish.

  3. Yes I understand that, but what do you think is most difficult when learning Swedish ?

  4. Pronounciation is the hardest part I think. If you speak a bit of German and French you can guess a lot of the words but saying them is very different.

    I still cannot say seven ‘sju’ the correct way as I say ‘shoo’ and I hope i never marry a nurse here because I cannot say sköterska!

  5. I think also most of the grammar is fairly easy especially verbs like

    Jag har
    Du har
    Hon har
    Han har

    But I find the past tense very hard. There doesnt seem to be any rules, you just need to know what class the word is in. Very tricky. For instance on the Arlanda Express do I say ‘Jag bokat min biljet’ or ‘jag bokade min bijet’…

  6. Jag bokade min biljett. The past
    Jag har bokat min biljett.
    Well I am not so good at Swedish myself.
    Look for that expression on a Swedish learning site.

  7. Tack!

    So where are you from originally Maria?

  8. I am from Sweden but I think very often about English and read things in English. I also knows signlanguage and none of these languages follow the Swedish grammar and syntax.
    Swedish hearing people is much better at English than I am. They learn a lot from TV as they can hear what they are saying.


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