Why the Left are Deluded.

I spent my last hour of my holiday doing a bit of shopping in Stockholm. I was stopped by a right rabble with EU flags in the shape of a swastika. For some reason they thought I was Danish, though I was wearing a Liverpool shirt (told you it was holiday). They started banging on about the EU and NATO being a Fascist regime. OK I dont think the EU is democratic but Fascist?

They went further saying that NATO wanted to put more missiles in Europe. So whats the problem there I asked? They seemed really shocked by my answer and when they recovered they said nuclear warheads were immoral. I said I was no great fan but NATO and the nuclear bomb was the only reason I was not speaking Russian right now so I think they have actually kept the peace rather than increased the threat of war.

Their faces were a right picture, I decided to walk on in case they actually turned violent.

Vive la difference et vive la bombe!


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