Leaving Las Vegas

Outside Hooters Casino Las Vegas

Unlike the film with NIcholas Cage, I didnt go there to drink myself to death or meet any prostitutes (not knowingly, though with my British charm I am sure they wouldnt have dared tell me anyway).

I will write more about Sin City later but just wanted to post that I have landed back in Sverige safe and well, it was a bastard of a flight. Cheap flights are good but next time I will try and get to the US direct from Sweden. Delta fly to Atlanta from Arlanda and then to Vegas from there.

Basically we checked in to McCarran International Airport at 6am Vegas time, following a change at JFK, Gatwick, take off at Heathrow and landed at Stockholm at 11am the following day so around 29 hours on the road. Although I spruced myself up at Gatwick I must have been a right state.

So I am a little tired, it was a great holiday involving helicopters, AK 47s, Desert Eagles, Database Protocols  and thats just the stuff I can mention on a public forum.

I guess I am feeling a little down now, it was good to see my mates Don and Taz from Cambridge.  I have rarely got homesick in my life but good friends are hard to find. The boys are great, they know I can be a moody sod and they know how to cope with it. No doubt I tested their patience when the jet lag kicked in.

My life in Sweden is not straightforward right now and I am facing some big challenges I think the next few months will be interesting. Now I am even more depressed with the mountain of washing and dry cleaning that I need to do.

More on Vegas soon.



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