‘English’ Butchers in Stockholm

English Butchers in Stockholm


I say ‘English’ because the chaps are actually Irish and Welsh. As I have written below Jamie put me onto Taylors so as I had a big bbq to attend last Friday I thought I should give them a try out.

When I stepped into the shop it was almost like being back home, it could have been the Butchers at Morriston Cross. It was great to see a wide choice of real sausages and of course a smiling Butcher who was happy to give out advice. I opted for the Beef and Guiness, Lamb and Rosemary, Pork and Apple sausages. They were lovely and my Swedish friends agreed that they were nice. Their favourites though were the peppercorn burgers.

I think it was Mr Taylor that served me and then I heard a familiar sounding accent as Mr Jones said hello. Turns out Mr Jones is a fellow Swansea Jack, originally from Mumbles, small world!

They also had a nice selection of cheeses, which is great to see as Sweden can be a little lacking in the cheese dept. I look forward to trying out the Welsh ‘caws’ and extolling its virtues to my Swedish friends and colleagues.

Ok so maybe I am a little bias as Swansea people like to support Swansea businesmen but the sausages were superb and I will definitely be back for me. With a little bit of luck Taylor and Jones may be able to source some Y Fenni cheese. Mums. (No I am not calling for my Mum, even though she read this, thats the Swedish equivalent of Yum!)

They were really easy to find by the way, nearest tube is Rådhuset.



2 Responses

  1. I could always send you some Y Fenni you know!

  2. alright pal, glad you tried the sausages out!

    Im almost dribbling right now thinking about cumberland sausages!

    hows things going? EM soon so we have to catch a game and catch up?

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