10,000 and counting

I am amazed.

I have been so busy that I have not had chance to post as much as I normally do. When I logged in today I was amazed to read that this blog has notched up over 10,126 visits since it started. I am really touched by that. This blog was really only going to be for close friends and family but it appears many others are interested in my my life in Sweden and of course many people surf on in whilst looking for information on all things Sweden.

From now on though I dont think I can commit to blogging daily. My workload has increased significantly since I changed jobs, plus I am getting a sense of normality now, I am starting to understand the Swedes and the Swedish way of life. In the early days everything was new so it was easy to blog.

Knowing me I will have mad flourishes of posting but I will try and update the blog several times a week, and of course take photos.

I still have the photos of Skansen to upload as well as write up to trip to Vikbolandet. So there will be lots of fresh content to come, just not every day as in the past.

Heres’ to the next 10,000 visits!



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