Santas’ gaff

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, its been hectic. Next week I am out in Amsterdam and then a long weekend on my first leisure weekend in the wilds of Sverige. I shall be going to place called Vikbolandet! More on that later

I wish I had called this blog ‘Let Me Tell You About Scandinavia’ as I am learning lots about other countries as well. I am so looking forward to exploring more. I was researching Finland and stumbled across this site. So thats where Santa lives, he even has an office!

Different nationalities think he lives in different places. I believe the Danes reckon he lives in Greenland, the Norwegians reckon he lives in Norway for example. The Finns often say that he went to those countries to test out the areas before settling in Lapland. They are quite nasty about the Swedes, they reckon Santa couldnt find any helpful elves there.

I suspect he found the taxes too high and the ‘workers rights’ for elves too complicated for him to set up camp there so jogged on to Lapland where they welcomed his contribution….



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