Football can be educational

Gefle IF

Am off to Söders Stadion again tonight. Hammarby take on Gefle. I bought some lovely new maps for the office over the weekend but couldnt find Gefle on the map at all.

Turns out Gefle are actually from Gävle, its the old fashioned way of spell Gävle apparently. Gefle currently sit third from bottom so on paper it should be 3 points for Bajen but when does it ever work out like that!

Gävle is in East Central Sweden and has 68,700 inhabitants. Apparently the towns name comes from the old Swedish word ‘gavel’ which meant river banks by the River Gavlean.

Gävle is mostly known for the coffee called Gevalia, produced by Kraft General Foods Scandinavia (Gevalia is the Latin name for Gävle),

Interesting former citizens include Joe Hill (Phil Ochs sang a song about him) and Cat Stevens mother came from here and he spent a bit of his childhood there.

Mackmyra, a suburb of Gävle, is home to Mackmyra Whiskey, the only whisky distillery in Sweden but only since ’99 apparently.



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  1. Now that´s more than I knew about Gävle.

    Nice new header! 🙂

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