‘It’s just locked-jawed pop-stars thicker than pigshit

nothing to convey, so scared to show intellegence it will harm they’re lovely careers’

The above of course is a great line from Morrissey on MTV, Pop Idol culture and something I actually agree with him on. However having seen this blog post from Jeff I may have to start watching MTV for a change!

Talking of TV though, thank God for my Ipod! The last few weeks in SATS Stadion all I have seen during my workout are gardening shows, crap lunchtime letter quiz, American daytime crap, the other day some guy turned over to the snooker! Oh great thats going to help me while away the time isn it? But to cap it all on Friday they were showing Emmerdale Farm with Swedish subtitles! Somebody shoot me!

Seriously though I have been discovering podcasts and they have helped. It means I can listen to my favourite radio shows whilst working out. Jonathon Ross is bit of a tosser if we are honest but his radio programme is very good and so much better than his television output, I also love Radio 5’s Fighting Talk which is a football/sports quiz its more like Have I got news for you but primarily with sports journalists and comedians and apparently about football.

I love the way you can subscribe to it in Itunes and they update each new episode automatically.

Anyway its Sunday, its 25 degrees and I shouldnt be in front of the laptop but hey its Sweden and yours truly stupidly booked the 12-4 slot in the laundry room!


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