Good Luck Ros!

Save Our Sven

A former colleague and dear friend of mine has just moved to Thailand for a new job and a new adventure.

You can check out her blog here. Good Luck Ros! Oh and if you happen to see the former Thai PM and owner of Man City give him a slap will you 😉


4 Responses

  1. Korp kun ka Shane!

    This blogging business is new for me, so see if I can do half as a good job as you do 🙂

    I keep my eyes open for Thaksin!

  2. My advice is to you is try and blog every week day. It doesnt have to be a grand post, but its good to get into the habit of posting. If you stick with it the sad thing is you start to seeing life as blog posts!

    Seriously yesterday I was at Skansen which is an open air Nordic folk museum, at one place there were all these dummies hanging from trees and posts. Apparently this is where Stockholm parents bring their kids in order to wean them off their dummy! I naturally took a pic as I though hey thats different, thats a blog post!

  3. I shall try to blog daily, lets see how I get on…

  4. Check this out!!
    I might even go, tickets available from 100 baht (£1.6)

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