Looney Tunes and Fruit baskets

Quite sad this story but can you believe she kept so many of them in such a small flat!

Sorry blogging is light this week, have been in Finland and so busy today that I have only just finished my lunch.

I am however enjoying a rather nice organic apple. I have started using an organic box delivery scheme, I just went for the big fruit box, so I now have plenty of apples, oranges, pears, bananas, kiwi fruit, lemons and a melon.

My campaign to eat more fruit is going well in fact I might even need two boxes a week!

Anyway for organic fruit and veg delivery in Stockholm I used Årstiderna, quite literally ‘the seasons’. So far so good!

The weather is lovely here, no boat trip this weekend, I do want to go to Skansen though, which is the local zoo, well sort of zoo as they showcase Scandinavian animals. I am looking forward to seeing the Moomins there then 😉

No chance of any llamas though 😦



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