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If you want to see how much my Swedish improving check out my interview with anglofil here 😉

Seriously Anglofil is an online magazine focussing on English football and culture. It has amazed me how many Swedes follow English football, its interesting to hear how Swedes pick teams. I remember speaking to some Swedes who were big Ipswich Town fans, naturally I asked why as they arent one of the ‘big teams’. Their answer was simply that Ipswich Town were doing well in Europe under Bobby Robson and so they picked the Tractor Boys as their team.

Maybe Nick can tell us why he is a Fulham man and if he is a pre- or post Al Fayed Fulham supporter?

UPDATE Nick has answered this in the comments section below




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  1. Well, the reason I’m a Cottager is actually the way Craven Cottage looked in a blizzard many years ago.

    I was living in Portsmouth at the time and saw them at home and away but they were never “MY” team. We travelled north (I think it was to Reading) and the game was called off due to snow (not all pitches had under soil heating at the time). After consulting the rags we thought Fulham at home would be the closest game to be played this day, and so it was. When approaching Craven Cottage I relalised (when laying eyes on the facade) that this is the way I want to watch my football. I was hooked!

    This was pre-Fayed btw!


  2. Glad to hear it!

    I lived in South West London around the time Fayed took over. It used to piss me off that all these Fulham fans turned up out of nowhere…. I used to wonder where they had been whilst Fulham were struggling in the lower leagues.

    Two of my favourite shows have plenty of references to Fulham, The Sweeney and Minder, mainly because they were filmed around there.

    Strange how did you didnt feel at home at Pompey, I would have thought they were quite similar to the Bajen support.

  3. Nice interview mate. Didnt understand all of it but all the same.

    The interviewers story before yours ‘Holloway – talks the talk, but does he walk the walk? love the title… and no he bloody doesn’t.

    ”Andra lag som jag gärna nämner är Cambridge City, Aberdeen, Den Haage, Dynamo Berlin och Lazio.”

    Strange mixture of teams mate lol.

  4. Yeah an add mix but reasons as follows:

    Cambridge City -lived there for five years and missed ‘live football’ when I moved to Cambridge, United and Swansea were in the same league so that was a no no.

    Aberdeen, first team in the sticker book, double sticker of Alec Ferguson and Jim Leighton. Every other kid in the street was Celtic/Rangers

    ADO Den Haag, they follow Swansea City around and a link was formed years back. They are the ‘Millwall’ of the Netherlands and detested by all other fans so made sense to back em up. My mate and I even went round all the sports shops in Amsterdam trying to get an ADO shirt once, we may have well been asking for the shirt the Nazi team wore in ‘Escape to Victory’!

    Dynamo Berlin, well they were THE team in the DDR, ok not exactly legit, its amazing what a team can do when its Chairman is the Minister for the Stasi…still they have survived today albeit way down the leagues. have been to watch them, good lads but I was thought twice before I said anything. Wierd to see fans still wearing DDR scarves.

    Lazio. Gazza, Di Canio nuff said!

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