I mentioned graffiti in another post, saying how I noticed how clean Stockholm was in comparison with Berlin.  Well apparently there used to be a big problem with vandals,  a train on which graffiti had been painted could remain in service for weeks and graffiti could remain in place at stations for months if not for years. Theseday trains with graffiti are taken out of service immediately and graffiti at stations is regularly cleaned up. Some lessons for you there Boris!

 Since 2005, the Stockholm police have assigned a special task force (Klotterkommissionen) to address the issue of vandalism and graffiti, as well as fare dodgers.  In the 90s private security firms were employed but that all turned nasty when it was alledged they used underhand and nasty tactics against the perpetrators. Personally I see nothing wrong with giving vandals a slap but I guess a bit like football stewards some people will take their power too far.

Interesting nonetheless.



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