My walk around Sodermalm

A couple of weeks ago I took a lovely walk around Sodermalm, its about 10-12 kms but a great walk. Sodermalm is probably on a par with Clapham in London, a former run down area that is now very expensive and affluent but still retains some of its working class history. I love the mix of old and new, industrial and lavish, its a place of conflicts really. There is a lot of history in Sodermalm, as well as bars, restaurants, alternative cafes etc

Of course there is a great view over Stockholm as well as the ‘old’ houses I stumbled upon. I must be getting good at this because at one point I had to help two Italian tourists who looked a bit puzzled. They had their map in their hands in front of some signs and were scratching their heads. I soon realised that some joker had changed the signs around so they pointed in the opposite direction.

So pour yourself a tea or a coffee and have a gander atsome photos of Sodermalm. I hope you like.


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