Great weekend

It feels funny working whilst my British colleagues have a Bank Holiday Monday.

I have had a great weekend.

On Saturday I took a boat trip to Vaxholm and on Sunday I went to the big match, Hammarby v IFK Goteborg.

I have taken some photos from my trip to Vaxholm and will add them later this week. Vaxholm is in the Swedish archipelago and is called a city despite the fact that it only has 4887 inhabitants. In Sweden city status is usuall dependent on having 10,000+ population. It turns out I had been here previously in 1993/4 as part of delegation with the Young Liberals but being 18 I remember very little of it.

Hammarby was fun, they were all over Goteborg and should have murdered them. They were like a different team from the one I saw a few weeks ago, it finished 0-0 but it the game was more exciting than the scoreline suggests.

IFK Goteborg

I quite liked Goteborgs’ crest, its strikes me as being very Scottish but then it seems a lot of Scots actually went to live in Goteborg (Gothenberg.) Some of the songs were amusing, of course a lot of songs about fishermen and about paying taxes. Apparently some of the directors of the club were caught up in tax scandals and of course you can rely on the wit of football fans to make a song up about that.

The weather has been glorious here, Stockholm is like another city right now compared to how it looked in January.


3 Responses

  1. I watched the game on TV and was waiting to text you when either side scored but somehow it never happened. I thought Hammarby would have taken the points!

    Have you seen the news videos of Hammarby vs Djurgården at the Råsunda the other night. It reminded me of Football Factory or football footage from the 80s. And stewards using batons!!! 😮
    Ive never seen that before.

    I wanted to go to Solna Centrum before the game to get some stuff and my gf said its best not to whilst the game is on because I could get caught up in something… thank god I listened to her.

  2. I havent seen the videos but heard it went off.

    I really wanted to sample my first derby but couldnt get up there. Maybe just as well 😉

  3. Well, as usual it is always the “derby-tourists” that got it bad.As far as my mates has told me it wouldn’t had been so may innocent people involved if the police for once would have got it right. Strange this, the have only 6 derbies a season to practise to get this right, maybe they will in the year 2020 or so…

    Seriously guys, derbies in Stockholm are safe if you know where to go and where NOT to go!

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