Mr Gårman meet Mrs Gårman

Fru Gårman Herr Gårman

Us Brits just call him the ‘green man’ but in Sweden the flashing green man that tells you its safe to cross is called Herr Gårman, roughly translates to Mr Walkman and ‘this is where you walk’. Its a play on words. 

I was interested to read in the local rag that some Swedish authorities think its very sexist so they are bringing out Fru Gårman, Mrs Gårman. While I believe in sexual equality I am not entirely sure this is worth the money it will cost but I think it highlights how more advanced Sweden is when it comes to womens rights.

Green Cross Code Man

What worries me is when they start demanding a transgender version of Mr Gårman, I wonder what the Green Cross Code MAN would think of it all!


One Response

  1. only in Sweden eh?

    Mrs walkwoman… unbelievable

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