Cooking with Shane, plenty of ‘f’ words

Haloumi with Spiced Leeks

I rather enjoy cooking but I dont cook with any sort of confidence really. I used to hate cooking and in another life I lived on ‘ping’ meals and take aways. Then I started to view cooking in a different way. I decided that I would try and make it fun.

So about 4pm I would trawl the net looking to be inspired, searching for good dishes. I would then write down the ingredients and shop for them on the way home. I would then whack the radio on and start cooking. I really like preparing new dishes because it keeps it all fresh, new and exciting. Three years ago I did not even know what a butternut squash was let alone prepare one.

I basically made it a social ritual and I found that I unwound whilst doing it which is great. So I love to cook for myself but am a little shy when it comes to cooking for others.

So last week I cooked for a friend, it was a really warm day so I couldnt cook truly British fayre, it wasnt the day for a toad in the hole for sure! So I decided to turn to one of my favourite cooks and cook book authors, no not Jamie, Gordon, Delia or Nigella…ooh Nigella, um no it was actually a lady called Rose Elliot. Ms Eliot is not mainstream as she cooks vegetarian dishes but her recipes are imaginative, inventive and delicious!

I decided to cook Halloumi with Spiced Leeks, a simple but tasty dish and just right for the warm weather we were having.

Here are some photos of my efforts as well as my kitchen.

All you need is:

700g leeks
225g haloumi cheese
olive oil
cumin seeds
juice of 1 lime
Freshly ground black pepper and salt.

I wont produce the recipe here as it would be unfair on Ms Elliot, but you can get it from her book Rose Elliots’ Vegetarian Meals in Minutes


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  1. I don’t think people should be ashamed of not knowing what a butternut squash is… I don’t know what it is! hehe But I guess I’m excused since I’m sure it doesn’t grow in Iceland, whatever it is, hehe 🙂

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