I can now leave the country!

Now I am free to leave Sweden when I want. A nice woman at the British Embassy in Stockholm called and told me my passport was ready. Thats super fast and great news for me, it means I can travel to business meetings in Finland next week.

I was rather touched this morning to see a note in the hallway at home from a lady on the second floor. She was notifying people she was having a ‘lite fest’ small party and apologises in advance for any noise. How nice and polite is that!

Not sure about tonight now as I forgot the Mighty Red as playing Chelsea in the Champions league semi finals so will have to watch that, hopefully I can get the Valborg stuff in after that. It will be nice to meet Jamie, a regular commentator here and the blogger behind Big Swedish Adventure.  He has now moved to Stockholm so dont forget to keep an  eye on his blog too.

I forgot to mention that I bought a ticket to watch Hammarby again. They play Goteborg on Sunday, that will be a tough game as IFK won the title in 2007. I also bought this seasons shirt and tried to buy a season ticket but they have stopped selling them which I found a bit strange. I will just have to be organised and buy tickets in advance. I cant wait!


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