Revolution on the Streets of Stockholm

It seems the Social Democrats are holding a rally and march in Stockholm on May 1st. I saw a poster today on the tube advertising it, they must be spending a fortune on this ‘bli supporter’ campaign. Now the Socialists marching on May day is old hat, the revolution I am talking about is the fact that you can become a member by texting in. It costs SEK 100 and its all automated, good old Person Nummer you see.

I met a SDP member the other day and had a good chat with him. I think sometimes I am guilty of looking at the philosophy rather than the activists. Yes many are Party stalwarts and blinded by Party loyalty but this chap was very asute and I would be inclined to vote for him if he stood in my ward. I love political philosophy but political heart is much more important at the ballot box.

Back to revolutions, a friend of mine booked her bus ticket on Sunday via text!!! She didnt have a monthly card so she just sent a text to the bus company. She got a message back which she shows the driver and thats it. Very revolutionary I think.


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