Learning Swedish with the British Secret Service

Live and Let Die

I am always looking for inventive ways to learn Swedish.

I am a big James Bond fan and have all the DVDs, so I have decided to watch each one with Swedish subtitles. Of course buying the Swedish voice dvds would be better but expensive. Once my Swedish is a bit better I intend renting more Swedish DVDs as I find Swedish tv hard going, its mainly British or Yank programmes with subtitles.

I will watch the films in chronological order, so tonight I shall be watching Dr No. My favourite Bond of course is Roger Moore, who else!.

Anybody know the Swedish for ‘shaken not stirred?’



One Response

  1. Bro, we don’t dub foreign films (only the ones for small children) I think you’ll have to settle for the subtitles 🙂

    The phrase you look for would be “Skakad, inte rörd” 😉

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