Strangely warm in Stockholm


Stockholm has been enjoying some great weather this week. My thermometer reached the early twenties yesterday.

What is remarkable is the change in the city and it’s people. Tables have appeared from nowhere in front of pubs, restaurants, bakeries, cafes and kebab houses. Its great to see people sitting out in the sun and enjoying the rays.

What I really like is my local square Mariatorget. They have a great statue of Thor having rumble with a couple of nasty sea creatures, apparently called Jörmungandr. What makes me giggle is the Swedish toddlers climbing all over them, they would have scared me senseless as a kid, must be the Viking mentality!

What is really cool now is the sea creature also doubles up as a fountain and there is a small pool around Thor and co. See the photo above.

If the weather is this good on the weekend I think I will try and get on a boat sightseeing trip.


2 Responses

  1. Alright pal.
    Nice to catch up with you posts, been extremely ill and bed ridden this week so Im a bit out of sync with life, and this delay is also making me nervous about moving as I havent got everything done!
    Im basically already for monday, just need to pack my personals then off, off and away.
    fyi I have a job interview for an English speaking position on wednesday 🙂

  2. Hi mate!

    Good to hear from you, I have been ringing the hospitals in the South West as I hadnt seen you. I thought them Israeli boys may have paid you a visit.

    Hey, as long as you bring a smile, your passport, your wallet what else do you need 😉

    Its funny as I thought I couldnt be without my gear but when I had to wait for it to arrive I realised I only really needed my XBOX 360.

    Good luck with the interview, email me on facebook and I will give you my number, unless you have Skype. I have given loads of interviews so happy to give you some pointers if you want.

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