A touch of the Charlie Kennedy in Stockholm

Stockholm named a new Mayor today, Sten Nordin will take over the reins from Axen Olin. Both are from the Moderate Party who took control of the City in 2006.

I had never really heard of these politicans until recently. What struck me though was first of all that Ms Olin was the second female Mayor of Stockholm and secondly that she had admitted an alcohol problem. its interesting to see that her Party did not kick her out even though she allegedly took a month off to get treatment. Its pity the UK Lib Dems didnt have the same patience with Kennedy who is right up there with Ashdown and Grimond as the best Liberal Party leaders.

Also what I dont understand is that Mr Nordin is an MP but not a Councillor so how can he be Mayor? I guess here the ruling Party can select whoever they want as leader. I know when I visited the Swedish Riksdag (Parliament) when I was 18 they told us that Ministers dont have to be MP’s! Probably a better system than ours but still for my money it means they are not publicly accountable to the electorate.

For example in the UK the Council Leader or Mayor can be booted out by the public. Interesting.


3 Responses

  1. Do you know why they’re changing mayors if both come from the same party?

    Reykjavík wins Stockholm when it comes to the number of women mayors, we’ve had 3 😉

  2. As I understand it she wants to spend more time with her children and family, usually though thats a cover for something else…

  3. it certainly looks like the Party is turning the back on her now!!

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