Who are the Swedish Social Democrats?

Swedish Social Democrats

A brief look at Swedish Political Parties.

The Swedish Social Democratic Party is the oldest and largest political party in Sweden. They were formed in 1889 but suffered a major split in 1917, when the extreme left split and formed the Swedish Communist Party. They are probably the most successful political party in Europe having been in power for most of the 20th Century. They suffered their worst ever defeat in 2006 and lost to a coalition of centre-right and centre parties.  They are closely allied with the Swedish Trade Union movement, are a member of Socialist International and their core support comes from blue collar workers and the public sector.

Their logo is a red rose and they are currently led by Mona Sahlin.

Ms Sahlin has had her fair share of scandals, it was alleged she didnt pay her nannies employment tax, and apparently she was prohibited from using her car because of so many unpaid parking tickets! I think he worst transgression is owing up to being an AIK supporter, truly shocking!

I guess in days gone by they would have been closely linked with the British Labour Party though I suspect more Kinnocks Labour than Blair and Browns.

If I could vote then they wouldnt get my support. I am open minded but I have never voted Socialist in my life and I dont agree with the power that the Trade Union holds in Sweden. They also strike me as the Party of taxation which is fine in moderation but in Sweden a taxation Party must be a real nightmare.




9 Responses

  1. Even I’m not a socialist anymore! Have got tory party membership forms in my handbag waiting for possible action….

  2. Possible action? Burn them quickly and forget such folly. I would rather see you join the Young Communists, at least they have principles unlike Camerons mob!

  3. Young Communists? I suspect I am too old.

    Nah, I quite fancy the tories. I live in middle England, you know.

    It will be the WI next.

  4. I think you need counselling, unless you have joined the ‘I’m alright Jack’ crowd.

    I think you need to have a chat with your old man before you put pen to paper.

  5. Abolishing the 10p lower rate of tax band? Not quite the actions of the party I knew. Not sure the lib dems are an acceptable alternative. Oh, I don’t know, they all seem unacceptable at the moment.

  6. I agree with you, Labour has completely changed in the last 15 years. Its why I cant understand people like your Dad who can stomach it. I actually feel sorry for true Socialists in the Uk as they have no sensible political home right now.

    I will vote Liberal Democrat, not because I agree with all their policies but I do believe they have principles. Camerons Tories are just about winning power and they will say anything they can to get in.

    I hardly think George Osborne has spent a day in a run down council estate so quite how he thinks he has the answers to the social decay is beyond me.

  7. I can see your point but I hate the way they conduct themselves in our home town. Nationally they aren’t much to shout about, either. Locally, where I live, they aren’t really players.

  8. Well they werent players in our home town in our youth either so things can change.

    I have to be honest when I vote its not because a candidate has a chance of winning but because I am voting with principle, its why i was a rubbish tactical voter!

  9. Trouble is, everyone is completely out of kilter with my own principles. Perhaps I should enter politics myself? Becoming school governor next term, maybe I shall start with that!

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