Swedish Political Life

Swedish Parliament

Living in Sweden as an exile means getting used to new politicians and political Parties. Of course the name of the Party usually gives anyone with any political awareness an idea of their politics.

On Saturday someone pressed a leaflet in my hand, as I looked at it I could read that it was from the Social Democrats. I promptly handed the leaflet back and proudly stated I was a Folkparti man.

The main Swedish Political Parties are:

  • Center Party (Centerpartiet) (c)
  • Christian Democrats (Kristdemokraterna) (kd)
  • Green Party (Miljöpartiet de Gröna, literally: Environment Party the Greens) (mp)
  • Left Party (Vänsterpartiet) (v)
  • Liberal Peoples Party (Folkpartiet Liberalerna, literally: People’s Party the Liberals) (fp)
  • Moderate Party (Moderata samlingspartiet, literally: Moderate Coalition Party) (m)
  • Swedish Social Democratic Party. (Sveriges Socialdemokratiska arbetarparti, literally: Social Democratic Labour or Workers’ Party of Sweden)
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