The Brits to royally follow the Swedes

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden


I have been reading up a bit on the Swedish Royal Family this week and thought it very fair that the line of succesion is based on gender. In Sweden, the Kings oldest daughter, Crown Princess Victoria is next in line to the throne.

I was then interested to read there is due to be a change in the British Royal succession laws. So it seems the UK’s 300 year old law could be changed. It does strike me as odd that in a country where we are working towards sexual equality that this rule is in place. Still it took the British Royals quite a few hundred years to start paying their taxes so I guess this is progress.

Mind you there are those who say that the whole monarchy is not really consistent with equality and I guess they would be right. Still doesnt stop me loving the fact we have a Queen and I feel she does a great job, the rest of them can frank bough though!


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