I tried to suprise you with vodka or tizer



I thought of that Morrissey lyric from King Leer today as I eventually made way to the English Shop in Stockholm.

I dont actually miss much from the UK other than Y Fenni cheese from Wales. I knew there was no chance they would stock this. My colleague who came over last week brought me some though which I am really happy about.

So why the above lyric?

Well when I walked into the said shop the first thing I saw was tizer. They had hula hoops as well but I was immediately drawn to the book section. They had a good choice of classics and contemporary and the prices were very reasonable. I find books so expensive in Stockholm.

Naturally I didnt leave empty handed, it was a familiar sight of Shane leaving a shop with a few new books under his arm.

I bought Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky which is part of the 501 must read books campaign but I also picked up Thus Sprake Zarathusa by Nietzsche. This has been on my want list for some time but the German Philosopher described it as his ‘deepest work’ so I am not expecting an easy ride here. This was the writing which its claimed laid the foundations for some of the worst aspects of Nazism. Though many scholars reckon the Nazis either badly misinterpreted it or deliberately warped it. So it will be an interesting read.

If you are a British exile and missing biscuits and cakes from Blighty then it definitely worth a visit and I am sure I will pop back though more for the books rather than a drop of Tizer or Irn Bru.


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  1. Your 501 Must Read Books campaign sounds interesting. Without hearing about it, I’m doing something very similar (although a lot less intense). I’ve decided to read a book a week for the next year. Maybe I’ll call it my 52 Must Read Books campaign :). The book that I’m starting with is Crime and Punishment. So far so good.


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