The King and I

A colleague of mine flew in from the UK to help me with a meeting yesterday so I took it upon myself to show her the sights of Old Town.  I think I am becoming a proud Stockholmer because our HR manager from our head office flies in today and I shall be taking her for the same tour.

I hate it when people come to the office and fly straight back they should at least see some of Stockholm.

Tabbolueh is a fantastic restaurant and good value for money. My colleague is a veggie and had plenty of dishes to choose from. In fact I had a veggie lebanese set menu with her and it was delicious. Only about 22 23 quid a head for 15 small dishes so a good feed.

On the walk around Gamla Stan, we saw the Swedish Royal family!

I kid you not. A motorcade came out of the Royal Palace. I had to laugh there was hardly any security and we were really close. I guess there are some perks to being a neutral country. We waved of course like good Royalists should and I could see Princess Madeleine was dying to give me her number but her old man was having none of it 😉

I was going to write about the appalling music played on Radio Stockholm. To be fair I only really listen to it for the Swedish news and sport but still, its awful. However this morning I nearly choked when they played some Morrissey. ‘Thats How People Grow Up’. So they do have some taste after all.

Long Live Morrissey oh and Carl XVI Gustaf!



5 Responses

  1. Blinking heck, grand tours of Stockholm and dinner! That’s not my experience of being an HR Manager! Gizza job?

  2. It wasnt your experience years in ’99 either 🙂

  3. True, true, but you never answered my question!

  4. Funnily enough we are recruiting tor a new HR Manager….

  5. I know…I remember!

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