Shock to the System at SATS gym


That hurt.

It really is back to basics at the gym, for me. I managed to run 2kms and 5kms on the bike which is paltry compared to what I used to be able to do. Its sad but I know what it needs to get back to my past fitness level and beyond.

SATS gym is as you would expect very clean. They dont however give you a free towel. This was pretty standard in the UK, even my bottom of the range gym back in Cambridge gave you a free clean towel. I didnt see any water dispensers either but then I had taken my own with me.

I was cheesed off that there are only 4 cross training machines and three were in use and one was out of order. It meant it was straight onto the treadmill after my bike ride rather than the 3 slots of 10 mins on 3 different machines that I had intended to complete.

Ok so thats the negatives out of the way so now the positives.

Very very clean. Everywhere was spotless. The changing rooms are very spacious and I like the fact the lockers are rather tall allowing you to hang a suit or coat up in there without creasing it. Fortunately the machines were of a good standard and similar to the ones in LA Fitness if you have been there, even more fortunate for me was the fact the instructions were in English. I dont know the word for high altitude hill run but you can bet your dollar thats the one I would have selected if it was in Swedish!

There are 5 tvs on with different stations, there are headphones built into the machines which means I dont have to listen to the crap MTV churns out. Though I had my trusty Ipod with me so David Bowie kept me company today. I might watch some of the tv channels though, even though its crap daytime tv its another way of learning more Swedish.

The showers were hot and powerful and again very clean. Always good! They did have an electroic scales as well. Now I am determined not to get hung up on my weight. I am going to concentrate on how I look and feel but its nice to know what I weigh in it at. I am currently just shy of 100 kilos which is just over 15 stone. Considering I was 18 stone three years ago this is still a big improvement though in my prime I was hovering around the 14 stones mark. So I have done what our big competitor says ‘let yourself go’ but I will be back fighting fit before long, I am determined to get back to to the 14stone mark! and then lower.

It wasnt very busy and it wasnt as stuck up as I anticipated, I had thought with it being in Östermalm, Stockholms posh part that it would be full of the Stureplan lot but fortunately it was a mixed bag.

The ‘rapid recovery’ juice was very nice. Does it work? I dont know, I feel stiff but thats no surprise after 8 months of no gym. Tonight a colleague is over the UK office so I am taking her for dinner as she is doing me a right favour by coming over. We are going to Tabbouleh, a North African affair as the name suggests. I am looking forward to it as it only a few mins from my flat. That could be dangerous!




3 Responses

  1. How was Tabbouleh?? Nice food?

  2. Very very nice, definitely will go back there again.

  3. Good workout. Three working cross trainers is very small. Stockholm is a nice town, only ever been there for a weekend.

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