The Swedes Prefer Paying High Taxes!

 Well this post is going to outline a big difference between the Swedes and the Brits.

According to a recent poll the Swedes Prefer Paying High Taxes for ‘healthcare, schools, and care for the elderly.’ You have to take your hat off to the Swedes, they do put their money where their mouth is when it comes to their beloved welfare state.

I remember the UK Lib Dems getting hammered by the press and political commentators in a recent election for suggesting tax increases to pay for the welfare state.

We are not just talking about one penny in the pound here but a really high tax. The Swedes seem happy with it and I guess they can see where their cash is going rather than in the UK where tax increases never seem to make a difference. There are still people in beds on hospital corridors or no NHS dentists in sight.

This is something I am going to have to get used to as in a few months I will switch to the Swedish tax system and I am braced for it hitting me really hard. Its easy to be selfish when you are single with no kids or family in Sweden but I shall have to console myself with the fact that my tax is being used wisely. Either that or go out there and create a family. Any volunteers? Don’t all rush now.



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  1. I find it strange that Swedes still have to pay per appointment to visit the doctor and dentist despite their welfare state.

    And sorry to disappoint you but im not willing to volunteer because im sure after years of trying we’d be no further down the line mate.

  2. Funny man! I am glad you arent volunteering as a refusal may offend 🙂

    I dont know enough about the system here yet but paying for an appointment seems a bit strong if you have paid the high tax. I am sure there will be many more blog posts on the welfare state as I settle in and start paying Swedish tax.

  3. Jobs a good un then, being rejected always offends me!

    Luckily my Ami’s mums a dentist so that will take care of that but being astmatic I have to get prescriptions every few months so no doubt the chemist and doctor will be earning a few quid off me.

    But as you can imagine Im not the cleaner of my flat, although I do a good job hoovering!
    When would have you been going Magaluf? Im off this summer during July with some lads from home.

  4. I’m afraid of the Swedish tax system… very afraid! I’ve been told some horror stories about the tax being 50% of your income! With the little information I’ve been able to gather however it seems it’s far less and in fact, I’ve been told the tax has been decreasing in the past few years with a right wing government in charge.

    But how is it Shane, no “vacker svenska flicka” in sight ready to help you start “familje”? 😉

  5. You are right and I was told that the tax isnt as bad as it used to be. It was very high in the sevenites but has been declining. I would have thought the tax in Iceland would have been very high too or is just on the beer!

    I do have a Swedish family, all 30 plus of them that need looking after Hofi 😉

  6. I made great money in the States. My taxes were quite low, gas was cheap, and the price of goods was laughable. Then I moved to Sweden.

    My income has been cut in half. My taxes are nearly doubled. Gas is about $10 per gallon, and everything is twice the price.

    However, my quality of life here is infinitely better than it was in the US and I have no desire to move back any time soon. The clean, healthy beauty of Stockholm cannot be measured in dollars. The stress-free work environment with over 30 days of paid vacation is beyond value, too. Massive time off to raise kids, endless parks, low crime…it is an amazing city for raising children. 100% of my British friends who have lived here for more than two years agree. We all bitch about the long winters and short summers, but overall, it is a good tradeoff. Thanks to the welfare state.


  7. I agree with you Samuel, only been here 7 months but really love the quality of life in Sweden. I do still grimace at some of the prices but as you say other things compensate for that.

    I just wish I had more time to explore the rest of Sweden.

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